Internet Regained: Fargo 3


By lunchtime Monday, the web service had been restored. Full marks to the engineer with his little meter box and fibre optic joinery stuff.

The first thing I did that evening was begin Fargo series 3. I’ve yet to see the movie on which the series is based but so far it looks like a case of diminishing returns. I quite enjoyed series 1 with Billy Bob Thornton doing his weirdo freelancing hitman thing. Even Martin Freeman’s hammy and exaggerated portrayal of put-upon nerdy Lester wasn’t too off putting. It was a strong narrative and a good cast.

Series 2 was one of those “prequel” schticks. In my view, this tends to be a fail. Why do we need the backstory after the main event? It happens to much; in movies mainly.

Ted Danson starred in this one, reminiscent of the bald eagle from the Muppet Show, and the Hank’s boy – a veritable chip off the old block. I suppose sharing the same title, Fargo, there would be similarities in character portrayals and overall style, but I saw it as a watered down version of the first.

For two episodes of series 3, I had been distracted by the way these Americans interchange their “o” and “a”- “I’ll coll the caps an ya”; “you wont same hat caffee?” “where’s the porking lat?” – and the facial familiarity of one of the main players – the parking lot entrepreneur. Where have I seen him before?

Of course, I recognised Thewlis, the villain, straightaway. “From America”, he says when asked where he’s from, but they left him with his regional English accent; sounding peculiarly odd-fish but possibly an effectively clever move by the makers. But that other guy?!

Up it comes in the credits: Ewan McGregor… of course it is! Now you say it! It’s the black, curly-permed hairdo they’ve given him which had me fooled, looking like the younger brother of Bob Ross. I feel I have underestimated the McGregor; he’s not a bad actor.

(my definition of a good actor is one I don’t immediately recognise)