Flash Fiction

The running man ran. The roving eye watched him closely upon multiple boxes. In infra-red light, in ultra-violet, natural, and in a deep, dark light which penetrated your innermost thinking. The man ran on, blindly.

Diverting attention from his motives, the man tried thinking of abstract things. A tessellation of cubes, stacked, climbing a wall; he imagined them first from below looking under, then above looking down, then flipping them all on their sides. He thought of running inside one of the boxes to escape, be hidden from the eyes. But which one?; there were so many; too many. The City was boxes. He ran.

The roving eye, seeing everything, real and imagined, lost interest and realigned its boxes through the window of an apartment room opposite and resumed its watching. Not everything in the City was worthless of its intrusion.

(144 words)

This morning I got up with no work to do and thought I’d try this. It’s a weekly Flash Fiction prompt for a story of 175 words or less. The story is inspired by a photograph published each week. This week’s photo is provided by ENISA. Thanks Enisa!

A simple concept though the word limit is, I found, quite difficult – this is my first go at this kind of thing. It’s all HERE or click on the black box left, or on the blue FROG button below to read other stories submitted.