The Upright Creator

Sue Vincent’s comment on The Name of the Cloud That Ate The Sun has me thinking about a creator and its motives.

The idea of God, the creator, of the Abrahamic faiths has Him creating us in his image. This is understandable as we readily create imaginary beings in our own image, or partly so. Intelligent alien life is usually bipedal, with limbs and a head on top with eyes and ears and a multi-functioning mouth – and many of them speak fluent English in an American accent. The popular idea of a robot is also a bipedal machine.

Given that bipeds came last in line, whether it’s creationism or evolution, what gives with all the other stuff which came before? Well, robots might be the clue. Getting the things to stand upright and walk. It’s not easy and with a lot of robotics, this is an unnecessary fancy but it doesn’t stop a lot of technicians struggling with the concept. They will succeed but more because of god than being good designers, I think.

But why would a creator be bipedal, being, as it were, out there in space and existent throughout all time? Why would it need to stand up when there is no up in which to stand?

image from Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam


Flash Fiction: Photo Prompt

We don’t know where the yarnspinners came from, nor exactly when they came. It wouldn’t help anyway as they are so adept at camouflage. I don’t mean just their appearance, but even in this we cannot be sure, but the ability to warp truth. Imagine you knew they arrived on a precise date, the fact would be specious because this is exactly what they do; distort things, by infiltrating and undermining our cognition.

And so their appearance is deceiving too. Do you remember the roof fan being there yesterday?

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This week’s Flash Fiction story for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers was inspired by the picture on the left, and kindly provided by Yarnspinnerr.

Thanks Yarnspinnerr!

As you can see, the story is as much inspired by our photo provider’s name as it was the photo, so thanks twice over.

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The Vegan/Vegetarian Question

I really must stop going on Quora. It’s full of banal nonsense. Then, out of the blue comes this question,

“ If aliens, who were superior to humans as humans are superior to animals, discovered the Earth and found that human flesh is delicious, would it be justifiable for them to eat us? “

It’s a corker and by far the best one I’ve seen posted. I do like a philosophical teaser.

As someone interested in what I cook and eat – a bit of a foodie – I’m also interested in the question. Should we eat meat? The vegan position goes a lot further: no use or abuse of any animal products. I see in some quarters this includes honey, the food bees make for themselves to eat from robbing our flowers of their nectar and pollen. The liberty! I’m willing to listen to the argument around sentient pain and suffering but not yet about the immorality of stealing food from insects.

The strategy of the vegan movement – and it does look like a movement, not simply a lifestyle choice for many – is to shame and cause guilt. They are emotional and angry. They have woken up to the fact that animals suffer and die for our food, and it’s upsetting.

What they are up against is a long and continuous culture of meat eating and animal husbandry doubtless going right back through prehistory. It is biological and probably assisted greatly in human evolution. In modern life, meat is a tradition upheld throughout most of the world, it is a right and often expected. The fact that it is possible, with careful planning of meals, to survive on a strictly vegan diet is not a persuasive enough argument in the face of such an ingrained culture.

I dare say the vast majority of meat eaters don’t care, a good number don’t so much as care how their food gets on the plate as it is.

I’m not sure I’m ready for veganism just yet. It’s too difficult and I’d miss the tradition of having the full diet and sharing food with others. The thing is, has veganism changed the game; does it make any sense to become just a vegetarian now? There are some dubious arguments about health benefits but none proven. In any case, just cutting down on meat is sufficiently beneficial, something I’ve been doing anyway because I’m interested in food and some dishes don’t require meat. But eating vegetarian meals, even often, doesn’t make you a vegetarian. Yet the reasons for going veggie now seem outgunned by the reasons for going vegan.

So, what about our superior aliens coming here and eating us? Do we let them?

Quora – Should Aliens eat us?

Accompanying Illustration (may shock)