About Theme Tunes

Every blog should have a theme tune. No, really it’s a way of sharing our music without having to write a lengthy post about it. I’ll change the tune when I think of it, very roughly once a week. Here’s a list of ones chosen in past weeks;

The theme tune idea, first inspired by a sense of needing to be upbeat in blogging brought to mind this song from the Dennis Potter drama, The Singing Detective.

Saw this posted on Bandcamp.com, a blog I follow. Funk is a bridge across several genres I like. Ernest Ranglin is a Jamaican guitarist and so reggae, of course, but here he is funkin’ things up nicely.

Lalo Schifrin probably wrote the best TV theme tune ever, of all time, in my humble opinion. Mission:Impossible. Here he is collaborating with the fine trumpet player, Dizzy Gillespie, on a tune called Incantation.

My thanks to blogger, Bruce Goodman, for introducing Barbara Strozzi to me. A contemporary of Bach, he explains, and one of a number of composers less well known to us simply because they were women in a male dominant world. This is beautiful,

I’d been refamiliarising myself with the joy of Orchestra Baobab through my personal car audio playlist. These are superb players live, if you get the chance. From Senegal, it’s really a fusion band, combining influences traditional and Afro-Cuban but you don’t have to know that, just feel them swing,

I hadn’t known a thing about Bugge Wesseltoft before seeing the trio, Rymden, at Cheltenham Jazz. It was the other two players in the band which caught my attention, former members of e.s.t. This is a tune from an earlier album by Wesseltoft; what a sweet and dreamy melody,