About Me

I am an Englishman, a son of Middlesex, though that county is no more, swallowed whole by the Greater London conurbation when I was a small boy, so I also identify as a Londoner.

Twenty-five years ago, discontented with suburban life, I moved to the “sticks”, close to the historic market town of Cirencester, the capital of The Cotswolds.

Bladud Fleas, a pseudonym or nom de web, is old history now. The name Fleas came while doodling the little character who has become my emblem, inspired unconsciously by a combination of my Grandfather, myself, some old blues singers, and a photo of a Sarajevo man sitting on a kerb. For years he went without a first name, simply known as mr. fleas, until one day I saw a plaque beside the River Avon in Bath, which told of King Bladud, the city’s ruler and the only monarch who believed he could fly, unaided.

I’m a serial blogger. One day it might all come together right.