About Me

I am an Englishman, a son of Middlesex, though that county is no more, swallowed whole by the Greater London conurbation when I was a small boy, so I also identify as a Londoner.

Twenty-five years ago, discontented with suburban life, I moved to the “sticks”, close to the historic market town of Cirencester, the capital of The Cotswolds.

Bladud Fleas, a pseudonym or nom de web, is old history now. The name Fleas came while doodling the little character who has become my emblem, inspired unconsciously by a combination of my Grandfather, myself, some old blues singers, and a photo of a Sarajevo man sitting on a kerb. For years he went without a first name, simply known as mr. fleas, until one day I saw a plaque beside the River Avon in Bath, which told of King Bladud, the city’s ruler and the only monarch on record who believed he could fly, unaided.

This is the latest in a line of blogs I’ve had a hand in. Unlike the earlier ones, this blog is about everything and nothing.