About Blogging

“I fear the number of Likes I get has less to do with the quality of my writing and more to do with the tags I choose.” (John Evelyn Cord, 2004)

“Always include a picture. I like pictures! And I know not everyone has the time to read.” (Matty McLeod II, 2017)

“Listen, hun. Unless you’re looking to tone that ol’ booty with an all round workout, never, never, ever read over your old posts!” (Cheryl B, 2011)

“Can I be bothered? Can I even be? Really? Today? Can I?? Heck!” (MyLifeIsOnTheLine, 2005)

“How do I ’embed'(?) a music video off you tune?” (Retiredbutnotout, 2018)

“Well, it’s like I haven’t posted anything for like over a hundred years! Like, it was really last September, so what? I wrote of my optimism. Like I had so much to say. Then I went and read some other guys’ blogs and, whad’ya think happened? Like I must have caught some writer’s block off it.” (Lil Princess Philomena, 2017)

“I think, therefore I blog.” (Day-KartsHire4U, 2000)

“I see the News. I read the News. What the hell’s happening to our country?! Someone’s gotta react to all the shit in this world. Someone’s gotta be telling it straight, putting people right on this stuff, though we all agree it’s a no brainer, someone’s gotta be saying it? And I say that person is gonna be me. All comments welcome. FFS, don’t just like it, say something!!” (Dr. Dick Buttress PhD.)

“How do I get the words to go around my photo?” (Retiredbutnotdead, 2018)

“I’m not a huge fan of Stats, to be perfectly honest. They don’t really mean anything at all, I merely glance at them now and again because it’s the dashboard default page, isn’t it? I once got 37,089 views on one post, in a single day! But now it’s down to just double figures, I don’t really pay them much attention.” (Rebel Without A Macintosh, 2009)

“Want to know the secrets to being a Successful Social Blogger?!!! Just Follow me!!” (Will B, Ur Best Friend 2Day, 2018)

“What is a Pingback actually? Someone posted it on my comments and I didn’t know whether I should Like it or not.” (RetiredWithTimeOnMy Hands, 2015)