Rory’s 12 Bloggerz questions

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke asks 12 Questions of us for February. Check out his blog here for more!

How high are your current energy and wellbeing levels as in are you relaxed, chilled, tense or stressed or do you think that despite everything you are doing pretty well and your mental health is balanced?

I think I’m constitutionally resilient but since coronavirus I’m sensing a bit of fatigue. Of course, this may not be directly and entirely attributable the virus but the long term strain of being under lockdown.

Still, I’m optimistic.

Do you perform any ‘refreshing cleanses or routines’ to help you prepare for the day or the week ahead?

I think I should and I’m envious of those who do. However, I’m too lazy to bother.

When was the last time you had a major ‘declutter’ of the house and do you have one planned again?

I don’t like clutter but I don’t like planning either. It tends to get done spontaneously once reaching a vague tipping point.

Do you have a ‘happy place’ you can go to relax and chill out – if so what or where is it?

My ‘happy place’ is in my mind. I’m grateful for that. I imagine what it’s like to be in a field or meadow, surrounded by verdant trees, in high Summer.

What are three of your favourited songs that you listen to when you wish to wind down and let the day pass you by for a while?

Matthew Halsall is a wonderful trumpeter and composer. He’s from Manchester, England. Here he is accompanied by Nat Burchall on saxophone, who’s also from Manchester.

The band is Godwana, the name of the supercontinent which existed before the continents drifted apart.

Miles Davis needs no explanation other than this tune being a litmus test as to whether you like Jazz.

I think ‘So what?’ was Davis’s stock response to suggestions given him in the studio.

John Coltrane on the sax too.

Feelin’ Alright is a top favourite rock tune of mine. I first heard it on Joe Cocker’s album. He did excellent covers so I didn’t like the original Traffic version much. But here’s the writer, Dave Mason, showing how it’s done, and during lockdown.

Which is more important in your eyes … to be kind or to be nice?

Is there much difference? I think you can try to be kind but it’s up to others to decide if you’re nice.

When was the last time you experienced a strange and bizarre dream and what was it about and also, what do you think it means/meant?

I don’t normally recall dreaming but I did last night. I was in a place that was flooded and there was a bridge over a rushing stream – a bridge over troubled water, I suppose. I don’t know what it means, if anything.

When was the last time you accidentally made yourself jump or you scared yourself?

I can’t really remember an example. Probably when I was riding my bike when new and I fell, or almost fell off it.

If you had the opportunity of looking 10 years into your own future and living there for a day – would you take the journey?

Providing I could return to the present time, it would be very reassuring, however bad.

How organic are you and your lifestyle [as in chemical free]?

Not a bit. It’s too expensive and too much bother, and I suspect the benefits are marginal. On a global level, I think it would be impossible to feed the population adequately.

How well do you sleep and how many hours are you able to sleep daily and more importantly, how rested do you feel each and every day upon waking?

Eight hours nightly is the goal. I read a good book all about sleep a couple of years ago. Both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan boasted they got by on just four hours sleep and both suffered prematurely from dementia.

The only thing is our dogs have a different agenda. I don’t know if dogs need eight hours; they don’t seem to think so!

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and felt immediately better for it?

It’s hard to remember what it felt like before Covid-19. Living through it is out of my comfort zone but I don’t feel better for it at all.


  1. Hey Ian, good answers – l always thought dreaming of rushing/flooded waters and being on a bridge or thinking tou were trapped in the waters was symbolic to not feeling in control of our lives, which is l think something we all feel currently.

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