What is it?

Some months ago, I was tidying up my WP blogs using the WP iOS mobile app and I noticed by the side of each title listed this symbol (see right). I found out by chance that it could be replaced with a personal choice, and each blog listed could have a different image; so I did that for a laugh, selecting a likely image already in my photo library.

I didn’t think it did much, if anything at all, and continued tidying the blogs. You don’t look at your own blogs as a reader – at least I don’t – and it passed from my mind.

I use the app’s own in-built Reader to follow fellow bloggers and today I noticed this symbol appears at the header of some blogs whereas others have a personalised image; they’re still circular and the same size as the default one.

So out of curiosity, I opened my blogs in the Reader and there were my randomly chosen images, made circular by some unknown process, at the header of each blog! Yes, I thought that would interest you.

The question I have is; what the hell is that default image supposed to be?

– A shield from the Trojan period?

– A dragon’s silhouette as it launches itself off a precipice (viewed from below)?

– The land mass and surrounding oceans of a mythical planet?

– A Ninja martial arts throwing weapon?

– A poorly remembered sketch attempt of the flag of the Isle of Man?

So, I’ve tried looking at the negative space and mentally changing it to positive to no avail. And vice versa. And why is the circle so thick; is that a clue? I’m convinced it’s just a matter of viewing it in the correct way and all will become clear…


  1. Not a clue. I have a brain blip that only a small percentage of the population has, apparently. I ‘see’ faces and figures in things that don’t have such images visible…like the tile in my house..it has a marbled appearance, swirls of differing, contrasting marble I guess…but I see faces and animals in those swirls (told you – brain blip). Your icon there reminded me of a cartoonish dinosaur (teenager) with those huge trainers you see some young boys wear. Head up and tail up. Alternatively it looks rather like a hub cap…. Huh. Interesting..

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