Into The Sea

“Let’s go and throw all the songs we know into the sea, you and me, all these years and no one heard…”

So hissed Robert Smith’s Lovecats.

It warns you before What3words’ three words pitches you into the sea: just three wavy lines in lieu of a nation’s flag and a named destination. With two-thirds of the surface being sea and ocean this should hardly surprise the wary traveller.

I like to swim around, get my bearings…

Oh, look! The Galapagos Islands… better said in Español, Islas Galápagos. Exotic, more worthwhile.

“Is that where they are?” says Kevin my travelling companion, “I imagined they would be further away from anything else, more in the middle of nowhere.”

En medio de la nada!

“What, like on Mars or Venus?” says Jane, our other travelling companion.

She has a scathing wit, spread liberally with sarcasm.

It seems an untidy scattering of islands, this archipelago. Somehow, I thought them to be better organised. I expect the outlying ones are not inhabited. I expect even the largest one, if inhabited, is deprived of the wonders of our twenty-first century. No band has yet toured the Galapagos Archipelago in a Vee’dub van – an amphibious van, naturally.

They would only sell one tour commemorating T-shirt, made cheaply in a Bangladeshi sweat shop by urchins who have yet to imagine exploring beyond the confines of their home town. On the wall in the factory owner’s office is a calendar showing a photograph of a giant tortoise, but no one but the boss is allowed inside.

written for Pensitivity101’s Three Things Challenge #363

Three things word prompt: Slipper, Torch, Bracket

click on the map for a bigger view of Galapagos Archipelago

(screenshot via What3Words: slipper.torch.bracket)


      1. I think it was invented by musicians who had arranged to meet at an address for a concert and some turned up at the wrong address.
        It was misheard or difficult to remember so they came up with mapping the world in equal squares and assigning each square with three simple words. I think the words chosen were random but they don’t change.


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