The Upright Creator

Sue Vincent’s comment on The Name of the Cloud That Ate The Sun has me thinking about a creator and its motives.

The idea of God, the creator, of the Abrahamic faiths has Him creating us in his image. This is understandable as we readily create imaginary beings in our own image, or partly so. Intelligent alien life is usually bipedal, with limbs and a head on top with eyes and ears and a multi-functioning mouth – and many of them speak fluent English in an American accent. The popular idea of a robot is also a bipedal machine.

Given that bipeds came last in line, whether it’s creationism or evolution, what gives with all the other stuff which came before? Well, robots might be the clue. Getting the things to stand upright and walk. It’s not easy and with a lot of robotics, this is an unnecessary fancy but it doesn’t stop a lot of technicians struggling with the concept. They will succeed but more because of god than being good designers, I think.

But why would a creator be bipedal, being, as it were, out there in space and existent throughout all time? Why would it need to stand up when there is no up in which to stand?

image from Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam



  1. Precisely.

    I was quite into “The Matrix” (film) when it came out. As its popularity increased, the creators made more films and supplementary materials (anime, comics, etc.).

    Their storyline showed that humans built humanoid A.I. that then became sentient, more productive, resentful, and revolted against us. Before the revolt, the robots attempted a peaceful agreement dressed as humans. Turned away, they hit fast and hard. When the robots began making their own, the resulting creations were to their purpose (multi-legged, crawling, flying) and not to reflect bipedals.

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    1. I’ll have to see that film again.
      I imagine A.I. and robotic life, if created similarly, would co-operate and communicate more effectively than biological life does. If each robotic unit is designed for a specific purpose, they’d be no holding them back.

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