A Children’s Short Hallowe’en Story

Witchy Wanda and Hobgoblin Ron, were boiling Hallowe’en soup in the large cauldron.

“Are you good at howls?”, asked Wanda.

“H’excellent!,” said Ron, “h’if I say so myself.”

“Go on,”, said Wanda, “give me a howl.”


“What’s that?”

“That”, said Ron, “h’is a barn h’owl.”

“Not exactly blood-curdling”, said Wanda.

“Oh, but h’if you see him h’on his ghostly flight, moonfaced white against the blackest night, h’it would send shivers down your spine.”

Wanda imagined the white face whooo-whooing. She felt so wobbly, she dropped her spoon into the soup.

“Oh!”, cried Wanda.

“H’oops.”, said Ron.

(100 words)

Written for The 8th Halloweensie Contest. A hallowe’en short story for children challenge – 100 words (or less), including the words, or variants of the words, Howl, Shiver and Cauldron.


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