The Tauntoise

Hey, kid, youse supposed to bring lettuce. That’s the trouble with you youngsters: selfish!

Hey, who are you calling ‘kid’? I’m seventy-seven—

Seventy-seven! When I was seventy-seven, hell, if I can remember that far back, but I bet my shell was shinier than those duds youse wearing, kid. Hell, where’d you get them, anyway.

What’s wrong with these clothes?!

Well, they’re not hard for a start, kid. How you gonna protect yourself from the enemy? I bet you can’t even get your head back in that hole!

Oh, wanna bet?!


Right! …erm…people are looking.

(99 words – a dialogue only challenge)

Here we see the tables turned. Normally, it is we bipedal, mammalian, cerebral soft-cores doing the abusing: painting go faster stripes along their shells, stuffing them in shoe boxes over winter, riding on their backs when they’re well over a hundred and fifty five. We ought to respect them more. They are an evolutionary masterworks. Darwin said so.

Anyway, this is a 99 word (no more, no less) piece of dialogue only, flash fiction for The Carrot Ranch Literary Community picture prompt.


  1. I just barely read this, since I’m done with judging and am allowed to. 🙂 I like the banter between the two in the dialogue. As an FYI, I never read it during the judging. I’ll bet it was omitted for word count. :/

    Liked by 1 person

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