For His Eyes Only #3

After the affair in the cleaner’s cupboard with the agent with the cyanide lipstick, Bond needed to remove the bitterness from his mouth. Odd but the minibar contained only milk, but it was better than nothing.

Taking the first draw from the straw, it hit him at the back of the throat. Quite literally. The extendable straw had impaled a device deep into his larynx; he found he could now speak fluent Mandarin. The trouble was, he couldn’t understand a single word he said.

It was then he noticed the envelope, possibly a clue. Inside was a voucher for a complimentary drink. Good idea, he needed alcohol.

Changing into his suit, he took the elevator down to the bar and took a stool where he could see people coming and going. The barman approached.

“伏特加马丁尼动摇不动”, Bold told him. His drink arrived, perfectly mixed and with an olive.

“Hey, that’s cool”, he thought. I must remember to take some of that milk home to Q.

(173 words)

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Challenge #185.

My third parody of Fleming but not in any way a sequel.

In my Spanish class, it was pointed out that Spanish was the second most spoken language in the world, English was third but the number one most spoken is Mandarin. Sadly, unlike my Bond, I can’t speak it. I cheated with the help of Google for Bond’s favourite drink, Vodka martini, shaken not stirred.

I’m on thin ice here in my ignorance. I trust the picture shows a carton in Chinese, otherwise I apologise. I Googled “Milk” too and the character matched the one on the carton. I hope it’s right.

This week’s photo prompt provided by Yinglan. Thanks, Yinglan.

The rules for FFFAW are all explained HERE and please click on the blue FROG button below to read other stories submitted.


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