The Dog, The Donut & The USP

Did you know that down at Kreemi Dreamz, they’ve trained small dogs to chew out the centres of their iced donuts?

“No way!”

Yes. Way. It’s a Unique Selling Point. The hardest thing was to train them not to go further and eat the rest. They achieved this by Pavlovian techniques. Each time a dog showed an interest beyond the centre, they’d show it a picture of a cat, a fire hydrant or a rubber ball; all things that dogs love which aren’t food related. Soon the mutts are conditioned to eat out the hole and directly look around for a playful distraction. It seems to work 87% of the time.

“What happens with the other 13% of times?”

The dog pukes.


Don’t worry, the kitchens are given a super deep clean after every incident. Hygiene is of paramount importance down at Kreemi Dreamz.

(145 words)

One more Flash Fiction story for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers was inspired by the picture on the left, and kindly provided by Yinglan.

Thanks Yinglan!

This had me thinking about the two years I spent as a part-time student at a south London technical college. At break, we might send someone along to the doughnut (British spelling) shop for a box of assorted cream filled doughnuts. Man, they were so sickly, if you ate two you couldn’t face any real food for at least 24 hours. No one I knew dared to look in the kitchen.

The rules for FFFAW are all explained HERE or click on the black box right, or on the blue FROG button below to read other stories submitted.


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