No Entrance Hall

As No Entrance Halls go, the No Entrance Hall on La Avenida Grande is possibly one of the most enigmatic in the city. Ever since the building went up, the great No Entrance doors have remained closed, a situation which for centuries has only fuelled speculation as to what the building is for. For certainly no one has seen anyone go in or come out. If the curious enquire, an official will explain that logically no one is seen going in as it is a No Entrance Hall, and also reasonably, as no one goes in, so no one comes out.

Daily, Mrs. Methuselah mops the great tessellated floor within. Donned in pinafore and headscarf, she criss-crosses the tiles from corner to corner and, squeezing out her mop, moves across to traverse the room again. One last draw on a cigarette, she drops the butt into the dirty bucket and casts her appreciative eyes over the ostentatiousness within its walls. She could tell them all they wanted to know. But her lips are sealed.

(175 words)

This week’s Flash Fiction story for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers was inspired by the picture on the left, and kindly provided by Yarnspinnerr.

Thanks Yarnspinnerr!

The rules for FFFAW are all explained HERE or click on the black box right, or on the blue FROG button below to read other stories submitted.


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