Flash Fiction: Scene Setting Prompt

In a hotel room, a man lies on the bed staring at the light above, where a moth pip-paps into the paper shade; and he can hear the hum of the minibar beside the door to the bathroom in which a faulty tap drip-drip-drips. Outside the window, a faraway siren nee-nahs across main street for a while, then the hiss of regular traffic returns. The man’s stomach begins to gurgle. Though no one could hear this, he reaches for the bedside radio and switches it on; but there is only static. The world is silent.

(99 words)

Thank you, Rachel Poli for this week’s fiction prompt, Set The Scene no. 8.

A different kind of prompt this week from Rachel Poli, though I didn’t spot this until after I finished my piece, thinking it was a Starter like last week’s. It doesn’t matter, I think it’s still within the rules.

I had to have a think about my English grammar on this one, not just once but twice. Lay or lie and can or could. Hats off to writers who do this all the time!

Don’t be shy, give a prompt a go. Don’t fear the block.


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