Flash Fiction #3

It doesn’t look much but at least there’s a specials board. “The Most Intimate Restaurant in The World” was set in a corner of the car park behind the KwikSaver. Delon looked it over. It was a step down from L’Excelsior: 800 covers a night! He’d had Sir Michael Caine! And whatshername? the singer, big girl with the voice, didn’t eat much, just picked around the edges. He sighed, recalling the calamity with the turbot. Thirteen hospitalised. The man swore it was landed that morning.

Inside, he found a small kitchen behind a curtain; the main room contained one table and two chairs. Hence, “The Most Intimate”. Maybe he could convince them of a change. Nil Desperandum. The menu would be a challenge; minimum wastage, optimum profit. It could be done; he loved a challenge as much as cooking. “Chef!”

The owner appeared. “Excited?”

Delon actually raised a smile. “What’s your thoughts for opening night, Chef?, no time to lose. KwikSaver shuts at five-thirty.”

Delon felt his heart sink into his shoes.

(175 words)

These come around quickly. Keeps me on my toes. You begin with what’s obvious and see where it leads, then prune back. One day I might actually achieve 75 words – the bare minimum.

This week’s photo is provided by Yinglan. Thanks Yinglan!

It’s all explained HERE or click on the black box left, or on the blue FROG button below to read other stories submitted.


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