Flash Fiction #2

What does a guy do when he’s having lunch and a girl sits next to him? It’s only a bag of chips. Has she moved closer?! I’m sure she was sitting further over when she sat down. I don’t want to appear a jerk – but it’s a small bag. If I clench and relax my buttocks, I might…be able…to…slide….surreptitiously…

Oh, is she doing the same thing?! There were twelve good inches between us, now there ain’t more than ten. If I had my ruler… but it’s in my work bag. I wish I had my bag! I could wedge it between us. I don’t want to seem a jerk but I can’t eat my chips. She’s looking at my chips! She wants my chips. I knew it. I’m literally on the edge and I don’t want to look a jerk but..oh no, she’s making eye contact…

“Erm…wanna chip?”

Oh, she’s looking me up and down, she’s tutting. She thinks I’m a jerk. She’s up. She’s going.

I’m a jerk.

(175 words)

This is my second go at Flash Fiction prompt for a story of 175 words or less. I wrote 185 in the first draft. Do you realise how hard it is to cull ten words?! The story is inspired by a photograph published each week.

This week’s photo is provided by Dorothy. Thanks Dorothy!

It’s all explained HERE or click on the black box left, or on the blue FROG button below to read other stories submitted.


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